Did You Notice That You Went From Thick to Thin Hair?

Did you used to have thick, luxurious hair that was the envy of all your friends? Do you find that now your look is not what it used to be? If you went from thick to thin hair due to genetic hair loss or baldness, then you are probably having a hard time getting used to your new situation. Here are some ideas to help improve your mood.

You should definitely be aware of the fact that this is likely a genetic problem because most baldness is caused by DNA. If you are going bald, then it is likely that your parents or grandparents are exactly the same way, so now is the time to pull out those family pictures and take a closer look.

It often helps people to know that the problem is not their fault so they do not start blaming themselves for over-using products in their youth or pulling their hair back too tightly in a ponytail over and over again. Most likely, there was nothing you could do to prevent this issue from coming up, so do not bother to beat yourself up over it.

However, just because hair loss is generally genetic does not mean that you stuck dealing with the effects of it with nothing to do to save yourself from this embarrassing and highly visible problem. Don’t feel resigned to a life of hats or wigs because of a simple unfortunate gene in your DNA.

One great idea is to get a cut that will flattering for both your face and for your current situation. Even if you have always been someone with long, flowing locks, at this point, it might look better to get a cute, short cut that will frame your face nicely and benefit your thinner hair. With a bob or shoulder-length style, the amount of hair is not as noticeable as with a long look and you will be sure to be seen as trendy and up-to-date.

If you found that in actuality, you do not have a family history of thinning hair, then the problem might be due to stress or life circumstances. In cases such as these, once the stress-factor in your life improves, then the balance of your locks should also restore itself naturally and you will find yourself with a thick head once again.

There are also special products made specifically for people in your situation. They can make the most out of the remaining strands, building them up and making them thicker, so that they present a fuller appearance, even if no more locks actually grow. While it can be hard to go from thick to thin hair, you should know that there are definite ways to fix this problem.