Full Lace Wigs on Sale

Full lace wigs on sale is a great find, kind of like a diamond in the rough. Quality human hair wigs are not just for those that can afford a luxury such as this. Affordable wigs are available for everyone. The problem of where to find them still seems to be the question. Often, women search for the quality, but seem to only find those that tangle, look unrealistic and have a fake shine. Here are some tips to help you find affordable wigs.

Retail Stores Still Have Value

With the world-wide web at our fingertips, people tend to automatically search the internet for full lace wigs on sale. Today, the internet provides a wealth of information, but let’s face it, nothing is better than seeing and feeling what you are actually buying. However, the chances of finding a quality hair unit in your local beauty store are slim to say the least.

If it is your choice to shop in a luxury beauty supply store, you must realize they can be quite expensive, but there are some things you can do to improve your chance of finding full lace wigs on sale. Timing is key; fewer people tend to shop these stores and they often have too much stock of certain items. High quality hair units may become discounted towards the end of the month to get rid of their inventory. Also inquire with a manager when they may be having a sale.

Research, Research, Research

Many of us prefer the convenience of shopping online and there are several options for you as well. Be aware of websites that only promote full lace wigs on sale and cheap lace wigs that are make shift sites. Make sure the website has some customer feed back, pictures and a full detail description of every wig. Many of these sites just want to take your money and have no concern about customers satisfaction.

Read reviews from actual customers that have purchased from the site. Ask questions, even if you are knowledgeable about this product. Cheap wigs can be a sign of poor quality, remember, you get what you pay for. However, don’t confuse affordable full lace wigs on sale with poor quality wigs.

Ask Your Stylist

Your hair stylist needs to keep their good reputation and relies on word of mouth. It would not be beneficial for a stylist to recommend a poor quality hair unit. Your stylist doesn’t have to sell lace wigs, but can select one of high quality for you.

Stylists do get discounts and special offers as do beauty supply stores that customers do not have privy to. You can have your stylist help you to select the color and length that would best fit your skin tone and style. There are even some stylists that do custom fittings for full lace wigs.

How to Apply a Full Lace Front Wig

Lace Front Wig application with liquid adhesive

First things first PREPARATION!

-Gather your application products and line then up for easy access. Prepare your hair by wrapping, pin curling or braiding your own hair.

-Clip back all the baby hairs on your unit to avoid cutting them by mistake. By applying fray block (optional) this will prevent your unit from fraying and also extend the life of your unit.

-Carefully cut extra lace around the perimeter of the wig to where the hair is knotted, being careful not to cut into the baby hairs. Take your time with this process, as you do not want to cut too much off. We recommend cutting a little at a time.

-Apply alcohol or cleanser with a make up sponge to cleanse your skin around the edges of your natural hairline. The aim is to remove all excess oils from your skin. We recommend a make up sponge VS the cotton ball, as the cotton ball will sometimes leave traces of the cotton in your hairline. Apply scalp protector to area to be bonded. Let dry.

-Position the lace wig on your head. Use an eyebrow pencil; lightly trace the hairline of the wig onto your forehead, this will help you to apply your unit exactly where it looks most natural.

Using an application brush to apply adhesive just beyond your hairline as instructed by the lace wig adhesive manufacturer. Once the glue is ready (this will depend on the glue type) position lace wig on your head with hairline rolled back. Starting at the middle point of your forehead, bond wig to head by pressing down on one side, then the other, using the end of a tail comb. Bond front hairline first for lace front wigs, then the nape for full lace wigs. Use the back end of comb to press harder further securing lace front wig onto hairline. Allow time for glue to completely cure/dry before styling. (Usually 24 hours)

Tie the edges of hair with a silk or satin scarf until glue has fully set / cured.

Application with Adhesive/Tapes

-Prepare the lace wig, hair and skin as previously mentioned above.

-Cut the tape into desired shapes and attach firmly around the perimeter of your unit.

-Position the unit on your head. Remove the backing of the tape in sections, a little at a time.

Starting from the middle of the forehead, firmly press tape into skin with a tail comb.

-Tie the edges of the hair with a silk or satin scarf until the adhesive has set.


If you’re new to this process, please take your time; be sure to install your unit in a cool place to avoid sweating.

To achieve a longer hold, combine the use of liquid and tape adhesives. The tape helps preserve the lace by protecting it from frequent wear and tear. For tape/glue application, first apply glue to hairline, then apply tape to the front and nape of the wig. Press tape into wig firmly. When glue is ready, remove backing of tape and press the lace down into skin using a tail comb.

Cheap Full Lace Wigs

There are misconceptions that full lace wigs are only meant for celebrities and famous personalities who can afford to pay for them. Does this mean the opportunity to look good and feel good with a stunningly beautiful hair is only confined to a few women? Definitely not, for you can still be so dazzling on your casual days like your daily walks or going out with friends through the use of a wig at an affordable cost.

Not all wigs are at towering prices that ordinary working ladies can hardly afford. The problem of hair loss and hair thinning is not confined to the affluent women; the idea to make use of hair replacement without compromising one’s natural look is not only for those who have surplus funds; and the idea to stay beautiful by concealing some hair discrepancies is not only for a few who afford the luxuries in life. There are plenty of cheap full lace wigs in the market that any woman can buy. All you have to do is to look for wig shops that offer quality hair pieces at reasonable prices.

Browse the internet for some beauty and hair care tips and for wig buying ideas; you will be prompted to a lot of online stores that offer wide varieties of hair replacement systems. If the option is available, look for the models with a skin tone and facial shape very similar to yours so you can evaluate how you will appear with the same hairstyle. Make comparisons from different wigs at cheaper prices. There might be slight differences in styles and designs that will affect your decisions. When you are still in doubt, never close a buying deal, unless the store will give you the chance to return or replace it.

Cheap full lace wigs don’t mean a substandard quality among all types. Most stores are offering the promotion to give their clients utmost satisfaction and benefits. However, try to be also cautious with stores that are presenting their products to be cheap in price and the quality is at stake like defective hair lines, poorly tied notches and an inferior wig texture and design. Always assure yourself of the best buying decision so you can have a satisfying experience with your newly bought hairpiece, and you can stay to be very beautiful inside out.