Product Line Review – Kapenzo Equal Lace Wigs

Kapenzo Equal has a great lace wig line and is ever evolving to keep up with the latest trends. Although other brands may have better quality hair as far as virgin hair, Kapenzo provides the most bang for your buck.

Style Selection and Versatility

Their hair system line has a growing number of full lace wigs in the lace front wigs cap construction. They have an additional two hair wig lines. One of the lines has 8 baby hair unit with the other line having 3 individually hand tied full hair wigs. The laces wigs are very versatile in style ranging from curly to silky straight. They also include a few kinky/afro hair type hair wigs.

Each wig comes in multiple colors and lengths. The good thing about Kapenzo is that their lace actually allows versatile parting. Many hair system companies advertise that you can part anywhere in the first few inches but the hair remains too stiff or unnatural looking to part in any fashion.

Lace Wig Quality

Kapenzo offers a good quality for a good price. In comparison to many of Kapenzo’s full hair systems priced around $500, the units are approximately $350-$500. Virgin hair wigs at that price typically tangle easily and often leave you with the afterthought, “you get what you pay for”.

Kapenzo supplies rather natural looking hair and the quality only improves after you take the necessary steps such as washing with apple cider vinegar or brushing with baby powder to increase the natural look. Perhaps the only downside to the Kapenzo lace wig line is the limited in stock selection. Since it is a new European luxury brand priced at a lower rang than most, and is generally customized.

Maintenance and Wig Life

Maintenance on a virgin hair system is usually low as it is pre-styled. The difficulty with most virgin hair systems happens with curlier styles. Kapenzo does a good job at creating styles that avoid tangles. Few of their hair wigs have curls that will interlock easily. The simple wavy styles flow easily and do not seem to tangle.

Overall, this is a great lace wig line for any woman who wants to look fabulous on a budget. The amount of styles provides a look for every occasion and location and the maintenance is rather low.

Swimming in Your Lace Wig

A lace wig is meant to mimic the hair, hairline and scalp as much as possible. One of the luxuries of a human hair system is that you can wear it as you would your own hair. From dying it to wearing it to workout, your hair wig is just as versatile as your own hair. While swimming in your unit should be a breeze, there are a few tips to help the wig last as long as possible and avoid tangles.

Prepping Your Lace Wig

Yes, you can jump straight into the water just as with your natural hair. However, if you want to avoid tangles then wear a swim cap or secure unit into a ponytail. By securing your ends you will prevent tangles, knotting and possible split ends on human hair lace wigs.

Hair damage is a number one concern with lace wigs and swimming. This is because human hair can be negatively affected by harsh pool chemicals. To avoid your hair becoming dry and brittle, pre-condition your hair. A leave in conditioner or even deep conditioner will work very well to keep the hair moisturized. The pool water will dry out your hair but since it is already moisturized, the damage will not be as severe on the hair system.

Worrying About the Bond

It is important that your bonded hairline is well kept prior to getting in the pool. While water and chlorine will not rip off your hair system, a loose bond may weaken significantly. If you have any areas that are very loose, reapply some adhesive to secure the bond.

After you get out of the pool and go home, you will want to maintain the bond of the lace on the wig. Until you remove the wig, you will not be able to care for your own hair fully but that does not mean that you cannot care for the unit.

Even though you were in cool water, swimming is a physical activity that causes you to sweat. Sweat in addition to the harmful pool chemicals can weaken your lace wig bond. Make sure to cleanse the hairline very well so that these natural oils from your body, sweat, dirt and pool chemicals are out of the adhesive.

Drying Your Lace Wig

Drying your unit after swimming is fairly simple. You can either choose to blow dry your hair or use a hooded dryer. A hooded dryer is best since you have to dry the lace wig and your hair underneath. If you do not completely dry both, you can create a pocket of mildew and bacteria in between.

Your drying technique should also incorporate moisturizing. Since the hair itself will come out dry from the chlorine, you will want to add a moisture product before completely dry. Natural oils such as unrefined extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil or shea butter will work well. Try to avoid using commercial moisturizers for after the pool since the chemicals in them can interact negatively with chlorine.

Transvestite/Transsexuals – How to Choose a Wig

We all have problems choosing a hairstyle to suit us, and the wide range of wigs available on the market often makes that choice even more daunting. Most wig suppliers do not accept returns on wigs that have been worn/used, making the choice of wig even more important.

How do you, as a TS or TV girl, decide what style will suit and feminize your face?

Wigs can dramatically change your appearance, face shape and look. You should take your time getting to know your face shape and choosing the right style for your face. By choosing the correct wig to hide certain parts of your face you are able to draw the eye to your more attractive features.

Choosing a Style

Face Framing or forward style wigs will go a long way to help you achieve a more feminine look while being easy to care for and style.

Many crossdressers, trans people and transvestites may have a prominent bones above the eye sockets or brow. To disguise this masculine feature, it is best to go for a style with a fringe that covers the area and draws the eye down toward the lower part of the face. Also choose a wig with more volume on the crown to balance off a wider and larger face.

Wider or square faces can be altered in appearance by bringing styles closer to the actual face and, as long as the ends are soft the effect can be very dramatic and face framing hairstyle with soft fringe and razor cut ends. Any face framing wig with layers that feather around the jaw is a great choice of wig for transvestites, transsexuals, transgendered or cross dressers who want to feel more confident about their hair style when out and about. The sides and fringe shape the face and mask many masculine features such as wide jaw line or prominent brow.

Choosing a colour

Most TS/TV girls make the mistake of choosing a colour that they like rather than what would suit their skin tone. For as natural a look as possible to “pass”, stick to as close to your natural colour as possible. Going for an outrageous colour or an overly luxurious or glamorous wig will only draw unwanted attention to yourself.

Have a search on the internet for girls who have similar colouring and skin tone to you and see what colours suit them.

If you have naturally mid brown- dark brown/black eyes and eyebrows, stick to darker wig colours with highlights or deep red colours.

If you have blonde to light brown natural hair colour and eyebrows, stick to the lighter colours on the spectrum or possibly ginger colours.

Gone are the day of buying one wig for £100+ (USD$150+) which has to last you for a good few years. These days, realistic man-made fibres such as kanekelon mean that great quality, modern and stylish wigs can be yours for less than £30 ($50). This means that you can change your looks regularly to suit your mood!

Make-overs and wig advice

Many wig stores, such as ours, are incredibly TV/TS friendly. Email us a photo of yourself and we will happily suggest some styles for you- making your wig buying experience stress-free. Someone will hold your hand and advise you the whole way!

If you are able to treat yourself, there are increasingly more make-over services providing a one-stop shop for a head to toe feminization treatment. You will be given advice on hair, make-up, underwear, clothes and shoes to go away and experiment with, giving you greater confidence to explore your feminine self.

Your Hair Wig: Culture and Fashion Combine, find a Great Look for You, Luxury, Elegance, & Style

What people consider beauty in today’s society varies, of course, depending on personal taste. It can be anything from the most common, popular hairstyles to absolutely stunning appearances for elegant and even everyday occasions. It is certain, the seemingly slight transformation someone can make to alter his or her appearance, such as wearing a wig, can astonishingly change your looks overall.

It is amazing what a slight alteration in color, length, and perfectly designed hair wigs can do to alter and improve a person’s appearance. It is the perfect way to resolve the conflict today regarding the development of a personal style for you. A woman (or a man, for that matter) may find the solution to achieving the balance between her (or his) natural beauty and the socially constructed ideas of beauty — simply by buying a wig.

There are certain hairstyles that reflect culture, beauty and pride, there are also people who desire human hair wigs, African American hair wigs, synthetic wigs etc. There are some causes for hair wigs that are much more practical, more associated with general acceptance than vanity. These are human hair wigs, synthetic, horse hair or human African American hair wigs for people undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancer and other medical reasons.

For example:

1. For many people hair is part of an expression of his or her personal heritage:

o Tribal clothing, colorful clothing representing a person’s native culture, jewelry, and yes, even hair styles are very important to many people who are proud of their heritage.

2. Style and beauty:

o Many women want to keep up with modern hair styles. The full wigs that are available today come in short styles with, hi-lights or low-lights to enhance beauty.

o Long wigs are popular with many women of all cultural backgrounds.

o Often women with short hair will get extensions or clip-on accessories for their hair.

o There are many women who use small hairpieces for their already long hair. The luxuriousness this brings to her overall appearance can be markedly observed. Especially when hairstyles are lifted, twisted and put up for elegant occasions.

3. For example: Ebony wigs

o There are certain kinds of wigs that will drastically alter a woman’s overall look and enhance someone’s natural beauty.

Ebony wigs are one stunning example – pure black human hair wigs or African American hair wigs are actually incredibly impressive.

Depending on your complexion, of course, the beauty of a deep black wig will vary. However, I have seen many women who adore their strikingly ebony wigs.